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Instead, climate economic models need to be extended to include a wider range of social and economic impacts. Gaps need to be filled, such as the economic responses of developing countries and estimates of damages at extreme temperatures. Today, only a handful of researchers in the United States and Europe specialize in such modelling.

2107: Friday starts dramatically for the British team with Sir Chris Hoy and Jason Kenny facing each other in the sprint semi final. The six event men’s omnium kicks off, with Sam Harrison taking part in place of Ed Clancy, who is ill. Meanwhile, in the non Olympic events there’s a final in the men’s points race and in the women’s individual pursuit before the night ends in the men’s sprint final.

Another important item to address are the vacation and sick leave credits. There has to be a clearly stated provision if the company will allow accruals or not during LTD leaves. One way to address this issue is to institute a separate policy for leave accruals, particularly for vacation leave.

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