ANOVA examining accuracy

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It was ten years ago. I was a construction worker, and a coworker and I were waterproofing a house. I remember the morning very clearly, mixing up buckets of gray waterproofing material and pouring it over the plywood on a lightly sloped roof. A New York judge ruled that Vicky Pelaez, a columnist for the New York Spanish language daily El Diario, be freed on bond but held in her home and monitored electronically. Cities and suburbs, all the while recruiting political sources and gathering information for the Russian government. Magistrate Judge Ronald Ellis denied bail to Richard and Cynthia Murphy of Montclair, New Jersey, saying evidence was “strong that the Murphys are agents of foreign government who have used false identification.”.

A two way (group and modality) ANOVA examining accuracy of performance during trial 2 showed no significant main effect of group (F(1,115)=0.61, p=0.436) or interaction effect between group and modality (F(1,113)=0.15, p=0.702). Thus, when all subjects were allowed to perform the serial addition tests at their own optimal threshold speed, multiple sclerosis and healthy control groups were statistically indistinguishable. However, a main effect of modality was found (F(1,115)=4.74, p=0.032), with a greater percentage of correct trials achieved for the VT SAT (M=51.0 (SEM 0.008)%) relative to the AT SAT (M=48.5 (SEM 0.010)%).

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