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At the same time, government rules such as rent control mean few apartments will be built, leaving the existing stock in high demand. Moreover, mandated rent increases are part of the landscape in most rent controlled environments. The average two bedroom apartment was renting for $827 a month in April, up about 2.9% from a year ago..

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On the other hand, Reibstein notes that retailers have long served customers who will go to the trouble to clip coupons or hunt around for sales. Nonetheless, Priceline does seem to be swimming against the current, he admits. This happening right at a time when people are becoming more and more pressed for time? he asks.

We’d left Nassau, Bahamas, just an hour earlier at the end of an unexpected tropical storm of such force it had me digging my Rescue Remedy out of my purse wholesale jerseys and regretting I had nothing stronger with me. As my partner and I raced across the tarmac to our small Sky Bahamas plane, the wind tangled our hair and the rain drenched our clothing, though it did nothing to relieve the oppressive humidity Nassau was suffering that morning. Strapped into our seats, I maintained a death grip on my partner’s hand as our flight took off, the clouds and wind causing the plane to shake and dip much like a toy gripped in the hand of a petulant toddler.

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