Wren injured: Center Erick Wren left

Wren injured: Center Erick Wren left the game early for the second time in three games. The junior suffered a leg injury in the third quarter. Jonathan Alvarez, who began the season as the starting center, but lost his job after an injury he suffered before the Oct.

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In Africa, says a young woman who has traveled there, “every village has a sign that says what NGO worked there like [the villages] were owned by the NGOs.” It’s a keen observation that gets at the heart of a point Sparke is trying to make. “There is this weird way in which Africa becomes a tableau for all these foreign flags,” he elaborates. It’s a “turf war,” he continues, albeit one that has to do with “saving lives.”.

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Looking at the broader sushi pairing picture developed over a number of years, Riesling, though ratings are relatively few in number, retains its most versatile status across the board. Half a dozen dry roses reflected this category’s strong second tier status with a handful of successes with the four nigiri preps and California roll, Tekka maki and Kappa maki. Sparkling wines and creative white blends simply shined while only sauvignon blanc stumbled a couple of times.

The individual serving size ones were cute, but for some reason they seemed to be missing parts of their handles. There was a stack of heavy bread pans, all covered with a thick layer of greasy film. I’m sure there’s a good way to get those pans looking like new again, but I don’t need any bread pans, so I declined..

Of all the happy hours in town, this cheap football jerseys may be one of the most famous, and for good reason: The atmosphere is romantically cool, the drinks are stiff, and the happy hour menu is well curated and delicious. And since these specials are served from 2 8 pm EVERY STINKING DAY, Gold Dust obviously appreciates its clientele and knows which side of its bread is buttered. Obviously you’re going to enjoy their 50 cent off wells and pints, but for surefire food specials, eat their deviled eggs ($4), Caesar salad ($5), (my personal fave) the garlic green beans ($5), the BBQ chicken flatbread ($5), the crab cakes ($6).

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