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In the meantime, the commercial operator on todays roads is in a constant state of risk that could be significantly reduced if the current and next generations of drivers were specifically trained and certified ( like a forklift or bobcat operator ) before they were turned loose and end up mishandling a situation that they were not given the tools to handle. It is time drivers were all specifically trained and certified. This will reduce risk, liabilities etc.

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Cannon’s unmatched reporting and highly praised books on the career of Ronald Reagan made him a sought after expert on the 40th president. He became friends with Devroy while both covered the White House he for the second time and encouraged her to join The Post. Police beating of Rodney King and the riots that followed the acquittal of the accused officers.

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Now, city officials may well argue that they can’t be subsidizing every local festival that comes along by giving them cut rate access to Willistead. But the city’s uncompetitive wage and cost structure is well known at this point. The main reason the Cleary auditorium had to be sold off, the Capital shuttered, and retailers fleeing the city in droves are high taxes and exhorbitant fees.

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